The new etherCON CAT6A adapter: NE8FFX6-W

Learn more about the brand new etherCON CAT6A feedthrough coupler for cable extensions. read this story
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opticalCON® MTP® 24

Neutrik expands its fiber optic connector range opticalCON® by a version optimized in compactness and high number of fibers, the opticalCON® MTP® 24. read this story

rearTWIST UHD BNC Connectors

With the transition to 4K or even 8K-signals the impedance of BNC connectors became more important than ever. Neutrik’s answer to this trend is a BNC innovation: the rearTWIST UHD BNC read this story

Neutrik® is the leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products like audio, video, fiber optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems.

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mtp24 tour de suisse
opticalCON® MTP®24 passes stress test at the Tour de Suisse
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Neutrik Trade Fairs
All exhibitions in 2018 at a glance.
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powerCON TRUE1 safety notice
Important update of product documentation for powerCON TRUE1
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