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XIRIUM for SKY Sports


Senior Television Sound Supervisor Dion Davie was very pleased with the performance of XIRIUM during the live broadcast on SKY Sports of the recent Rugby Super League match. A veteran of 23 years Dion mixes the complex live television sound for SKY Sports rugby league broadcasts in one of Telegenic’s High Definition OB trucks.

Since 1996 the Rugby Super League has used video referees to review video playback of the action to improve accuracy of decisions over tackles etc. In 2010 alone these decisions were used 175 times during 60 televised matches. Each result was announced to the TV viewer and simultaneously to the fans in the Stadium. The sound feed for this is under Dion’s control, which is where XIRIUM comes in!

Dion explains; linking the ref’s audio from the OB truck to the stadium PA system often requires very long and difficult runs of cables. It’s a time consuming operation to install and can sometimes prove unreliable. With digital technology now available a suitable wireless link would increase reliability and reduce the rig time. Neutrik’s XIRIUM was designed to do just that, operating at 5 Ghz it transmits in high quality digital audio, clean and totally uncompressed. Together with its remote antenna’s to gain perfect line of sight reception, XIRIUM seamlessly keeps the stadium fans up to date with events.

Dion Davie is not only a Senior sound mixer for SKY, he also owns the Rental and Events Company VME. VME contract hires facilities to SKY Sports. Dion has been a great advocate for Neutrik opticalCON for many years including attending an opticalCON Field Assembly Training.

Dion purchased the XIRIUM system on behalf of SKY Sports through VME, choosing the right components to suit the needs of the rugby project. It is however fully expandable making it a flexible cable replacement tool which can cater for many other types of applications.


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