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New DANTE I/O Interface


It is no longer possible to imagine an AV industry without audio networks. They play a key role in simplifying routing and support everyday work. The need for integrating analog devices in DANTE networks remains strong. An interface makes it possible to connect available and trusted devices with an existing network. With the intelligent NA2-IO-DLINE Interface from NEUTRIK, the integration can be completed in just a few short steps.

“In response to the many requests we have received from customers, we have developed a cable-based product that connects the analog world to the DANTE world”, reports Florian Frick, Product Manager at Neutrik AG. With the new end-of-network device, NEUTRIK offers two inputs and two outputs which allow four analog signals to be connected simultaneously. “The ability to feed and transmit signals at the same time eliminates the need for investment in new devices. Nevertheless, it is possible to take maximum advantage of the technical possibilities”, says Frick proudly.

The DANTE I/O Interface has been optimized for extreme use and, in addition to the input and output signal conversion, also offers the typical NEUTRIK features: the casing is extremely stable and equipped with a lockable etherCON connection. For broad use, the adapter can be used multifunctionally as a stand-alone device, in floor outlets or in 19 inch racks. “With the introduction of the new NA2-IO-DLINE Adapters, we have once again managed to meet our customers at eye level and to place a suitable solution in their hands”, says Frick.

Further information on the technical details and application possibilities can be found in our NA2-IO-DLINE product brochure

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